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UFC Fight Night 115 ‘Volkov vs. Struve’ Play-by-Play, Results & Round-by-Round Scoring

Round 1

English referee Marc Goddard is the third man in the cage for tonight’s heavyweight main event, scheduled for five rounds. Volkov goes body-head with his first combination, eats a straight right from Struve in return. The Dutchman is busy with leg kicks in the opening 90 seconds, but Volkov slows that down with a clinch on the fence. Struve breaks out and resumes his jabbing as he presses forward on the former Bellator champion. Volkov catches the incoming “Skyscraper” with a stiff jab to the grill. Volkov catches a kick and trips Struve to the floor, but Struve comes back up with guns blazing and zaps the Russian with a big uppercut. Volkov eats it and pushes Struve against the cage, but he can’t keep the massive Dutchman trapped for more than a few seconds. Volkov tries to creep into the pocket, gets a knee to the chest and a straight right to the face. Volkov, looking a bit drained from the heavy shots he absorbed, manages to get hold of Struve and deliver a hard knee to the gut. Struve pushes Volkov backward and comes flying in with a knee that cuts “Drago” open. Volkov catches the flying Struve and hustles him to the floor, regaining some ground in the final 20 seconds by roughing up Struve with heavy punches.

Sherdog Scores
Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Volkov
Brian Knapp scores the round 10-9 Struve
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Struve

Round 2

Volkov emerges for round two sporting a nasty cut on a mouse underneath his left eye. Struve keeps his measured striking approach, using his enormous reach to work his way into range against the Russian. The outstretched hand of Struve catches Volkov in the right eye, however, and referee Goddard is forced to pause the fight for the foul. Goddard determines that the eye poke was accidental, so Struve is not docked a point for the infraction. Struve comes over the top with a right hand as action resumes, but Volkov slugs him with a huge uppercut that has Struve bending backward like a tree in the wind. Another massive right hand from Volkov forces Struve backward, briefly covering up against the fence. Volkov gets another poke to the eye in an exchange; despite a prior warning, Struve does not lose a point for the second foul. Action resumes with 90 seconds on the clock and the massive heavyweights trading low kicks. Volkov is turning up the heat as the final minute ticks down, banging Struve around the outside with punches to the body and head. Struve is on the retreat, his nose bloodied as the round draws to a close.

Sherdog Scores
Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Volkov
Brian Knapp scores the round 10-9 Volkov
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Volkov

Round 3

The opening minute of round three sees a double eye poke between the heavyweights, and a stern warning from referee Goddard for both fighters to mind their fingers. Volkov backs up Struve to the fence with a right hand over the guard of the “Skyscraper.” Struve comes back to the center, swinging punches, but his lead leg buckles as Volkov lands a heavy low kick. Another right hand from Volkov turns the Dutchman’s head, now midway through the round and the fight. Volkov looks to be taking charge of the fight here, really roughing up Struve on the outside and turning up the volume on his punches. An uppercut, a left hook and another uppercut force Struve to cover up, then drop to his seat at the fence. Volkov looks to tee off and finish the fight, but referee Marc Goddard is already on his way in for the stoppage.

The Official Result

Alexander Volkov def. Stefan Struve via TKO (Punches) R3 3:30

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